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Creating a wellbeing society through conversations, knowledge sharing and collaborative practices with the power of communities.

“community“ – from Latin, communitas, communis, which means "common, public, shared by all or many." From the Latin, prefix con- meaning "together" and munis “performing services”.

Imagine a wellbeing society which promotes the holistic wellbeing of humans and non-humans, communities, and the environment over the sole pursuit of unlimited economic growth. Such society is already beginning to take shape, being co-created with diverse communities around shared values.

What kind of conversations, knowledge and practices do we need to shift the futures of communities towards a wellbeing society?


With “The Futures of Communities” we combine the fields of science and economics with methods from spirituality and artistic practices to contribute to an emergent change in society.


 Knowledge sharing & Collaborative practices


Systemic challenges we are facing today – such as climate emergency, failing democracy, social exclusion – require intentional imagining of alternatives to the current cultural, social, political and economic conditions. What would the future look like if we activate change from a place of trust and care?




Remembering the past lies at the core of imagining the futures. A growing sense of separation from our inner selves, each other and nature require reflecting on our individual and collective histories and memories. How can we actively reconnect to our roots, our ancestors and the Earth?



We have a collective responsibility for growth within planetary limits, and for taking action to alleviate systemic inequities. How do we create practices of collaborative governance that move us from imagination to memory to explore new ways of power sharing?

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