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About Futures of Communities

We are an international group of social innovators, scientists, artists, spiritual teachers, activists and concerned citizens. We envision a future beyond the constraints of the current human-centric paradigm, where wellbeing, social equity, and economic prosperity coexist harmoniously with nature.

Development of silent mind map at 2nd Meeting. © Christian Helbock

The Futures of Communities initiative emerged in 2023, following the encounter between Fritz Hinterberger and Barbara Bulc at the inaugural Wellbeing Summit in Bilbao. It was inspired by the social research study and book, Activating Values in Urban Transitions, authored by Barbara with Eric Gordon in May 2022 and extensive work by Fritz about the wellbeing economy. Joined by artist and researcher Simona Koch, and in 2024 by Daniel Gratzer, the founder of the flourishing society in Vienna.

Friedrich Hinterberger
Senior researcher at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and Paris Lodron University Salzburg. Vice President of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome.
Current Projects: Wellbeing for all Progress beyond growth and Palmen im Ausseerland.


Barbara Bulc
Founder of SDG Colab and Global Development. Ambassador at Reboot the Future. Primary steward of OurCluj values-based living lab.
See also Barbara’s recent article in the Financial Times.

Simona Koch
Visual Artist, designer and researcher based in Vienna, Austria and Bavaria.


Daniel Gratzer
Climate activist (formerly LCOY and FFF), founder of the flourishing society, student of Tibetology and Psychology (focus environmental psychology), translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts.

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